Welcome to USA.NET Postmaster information!

Guidelines: Details policies, standards, and guidelines for sending email to USA.NET customers.

Customer Best Practices: Contains guidelines for USA.NET customers for reporting spam and sending email.

Check Status of IP address/Error Messages/Troubleshooting: Contains a list of USA.NET specific error messages and a brief description. Receiving an error message you don't understand? This section will lead you through a step-by-step solution process.

Feedback Loop Request: The feedback loop is designed for opt-in bulk senders who wish to register their email servers for notification of delivery issues that could result in a block of the sender. Notification of delivery issues will be sent to the email address of preference.

White Listing: USA.NET does not white list senders, but we subscribe to Return Path's Approved Sender list. Inclusion in this list will bypass all USA.NET spam controls. Please, go to http://www.senderscorecertified.com for more information.